Math Quiz

This is a fun math quiz that will ask you a series of questions to determine how good or either how not so good you are at math. Is it a struggle for you or does it come easy? Take this quiz to find out.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Give up! We know that you can count to 100, but we don't expect much more beyond that. Basic math is a struggle for you. At this point, just focus on the subjects that you're strong at and avoid math at all costs.

Below Average
You are just a step above failing. You grasp some mathematics concepts, but math clearly still isn't your strong suite. You are good enough at math to survive day to day life. If you wanted to you could possibly become average with a little more practice and a tutor.

It is not that we believe that you can not do the work, but with you it's more of an effort problem. You appear to be smart enough to take on intermediate and some advanced mathematics, but for whatever reason you lack the drive to put forth proper effort in applying yourself, so therefore your math level is average.

Above Average
You're pretty great at math. There's not much you cannot do when it comes to the subject. It doesn't necessarily always come easy to you, but you study hard and ask all the right questions to ensure your understanding of mathematics.

Math comes easy to you. You are a numbers person and you always have been. You prefer math over any other subject and it shows in the quality of your work. You are generally the person that tutors your peers in math because you're so awesome at the subject.

Math Genius
You are something like a prodigy. MIT is probably in your near future. Words like quantum physics, astrophysics and string theory are in your near future. There are not many people that can even be considered equals because your intelligence actually approaches genius level.