What Nationality Is Your Partner's Temper?

Wondering what nationality your partner's temper is? Find out now!

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Your partner is spicy, fiery, and above all, not to be messed with. They're loyal to a fault and, most of all, honorable. They are 'once a friend, always a friend,' unless something genuinely terrible happens. As such, they take mistreatment and betrayal very seriously. They are suspicious of people by nature but forgiving and accepting--a true blend of sweet yet quick to anger.

Your partner is basically perpetually angry or upset about something. They get along just fine, and a lot of the time, it's hilarious, but they are still, you know, angry most of the time! It's usually over small things here and there, so it's not terrible stuff. When it is, well, just let them handle it. Don't get in the way. They'll tire themselves out.

Your partner is sarcastic, calculating, and funny. They don't anger easily. They tend to be more funny than anything. In fact, they tend to be the type to handle even the worst of situations with some sort of sarcasm. Sighing is common, as are jokes--especially messed-up jokes!

Your partner is the type that doesn't show emotion too much. They prefer to handle anger by being stone-faced and silent. They handle issues by themselves, their own way, and they definitely focus on calculating the best way to do it--again, by themselves. They will never ask for help, and they will never complain.