What Are You A Real Sucker For?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sob Stories
You're a true sucker for sob stories! All it takes for anyone to twist your arm and get you to do their bidding is a truly heart wrenching sob story. You're a sensitive soul who always feels for the plight of others. Whether the story is true or fabricated is irrelevant. All that matters is how their story makes you feel.

Free Samples
You're a sucker for free samples! Where there's free samples, that's where we will find you. When a store is offering free samples, you're waiting in line to get your free goodies. Your motto could practically be "If it's free it's for me!"

Baked Goods
You're a true sucker for baked goods! You've got a real sweet tooth that knows no bounds. While you can resist pretty much any other kind of food, you can never resist the pull of a delicious baked good. From cake to pie to cookies, you love any and all things baked.

A Good Sale
You're a true sucker for a good sale! Lets face it, you can never resist the urge to shop when there is a good sale involved. Even if your budget doesn't call for extra spending, a good sale is enough to break you out of your budgetary constraints. You always let loose when you feel you're saving money!

You're a real sucker for romance! Nothing makes you feel quite as youthful, giddy, or open as a good romance. Whether you're involved in the romance or are simply a bystander, you love to hear a good romantic tale. Not only does your heart feel bigger and more alive, but you yourself feel totally exhilarated and happy!