What Is Your Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is all about the choices we make for ourselves and how we decide what is important. What is your lifestyle?

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1. Do you enjoy sports?
Yes Not really

2. Do you like going on hikes?
Yes Not really

3. Do you like water activities?
Yes Not really

4. Do you love going on vacations?
Yes Not really

5. Do you like playing your day by ear and not having any firm plans?
Yes Not really

6. Do you like staying home in the evening?
Yes Not really ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

An Adventurous Lifestyle
You live for new experiences. You are always up for trying something, even if it is risky. You have a hard time sticking to just one job, and you love the excitement of moving somewhere new. You live an adventurous lifestyle!

A Quiet Lifestyle
You don't go in for much excitement. You keep a nice, steady job. You don't hang out with children unless absolutely necessary. And you prefer a nice walk in the park over a day of whitewater rafting! You have a quiet lifestyle.

A Comfortable Lifestyle
You don't spend too much money, but you have very nice things. You have a great job that challenges you without ever getting way too stressful. You have good, no-drama friends, and you have lots of time to spend with the people you love the most. You have a very comfortable lifestyle!

A Stressful Lifestyle
You work really hard. You are trying your best to succeed in your profession while taking care of family at the same time. You have debt to keep up with too. You aren't good at stopping, slowing down, and taking care of yourself for a moment. You just go all the time. You have a really stressful lifestyle.

A Rich Lifestyle
You spare no expense when it comes to almost everything. You like fine clothes, fine accessories, fine houses, fine cars, and fine food. You live a very rich lifestyle. Enjoying the finer things in life is awesome--you only live once, right? Just be careful to make sure your finances can keep up with you!

A Youthful Lifestyle
You love to sleep in, eat leftover pizza, wear clothes you pick up off the floor, and work part-time jobs. You really don't care about having fancy things or climbing a corporate ladder. You are just happy to live life as it happens without a care in the world! You have a very youthful lifestyle!