What Reptile Are You?

Reptiles often get a bad rap. They may seem cold-blooded, but some of them are kind of friendly. What reptile are you?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

An Iguana
Your bite is actually worse than your bark. You may not yell and have fits, but if you get mad, watch out, people! You prefer a vegetarian lifestyle, and you are very kind. You are a visual person who appreciates all things aesthetic, from art and fashion to interior design and landscaping.

A Turtle
People seem to love you and want to get to know you, but you are extremely shy. You are also extremely easygoing. You don't believe in rushing through work or family time. You take your time and enjoy yourself in everything you do. You may have a hard outer shell, but you are very vulnerable. You don't let many people see your soft side, but again, people still seem excited to get to know you.

A Snake
You strike fear into most people without even trying. When people see you coming, most of them leave you well alone. You like things that way, though, because you are a loner. You rarely hurt anyone, but you would if you had to. You prefer going out at night and hanging out at home all day. That works well with your keep-to-yourself way of life.

A Komodo Dragon
You are cunning and sly. You take your time to exact revenge for wrongdoing, and your prey rarely sees it coming. They take you for a pushover and overlook your obvious talent for getting what you want in the end.

A Crocodile
You are not very social. You can go for days without making an appearance. If you do decide to go out, it is usually in the evenings. You are not a morning person. You are also a creature of habit. You don't break out of your comfort zone without having a big fit about it.

A Gecko
You like to fix yourself up and go out to pick up dates. Once you are in a relationship, you are very territorial. What's yours is yours. You aren't likely to share. When you do go out, you don't chase after prospective dates. You sit and wait for them to come to you, and you are rarely disappointed.