Could You Survive In Silicon Valley?

They say California's tech mecca is not for everyone. Take this quiz to find out if you would survive in Silicon Valley!

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1. Do other people come to you for help with their tech problems?

All day long Sometimes Just my parents No, never

2. Do you enjoy downloading and testing out new apps on your phone?

Yes, I love trying out new apps. Once in a while Nah--I'm pretty set with the ones I've got. I don't use apps.

3. Have you ever built a website or had one built for your personal or professional use?

Yes, many times, actually Once or twice Not yet, but I plan to soon. No, never

5. Are you known for coming up with original, amazing ideas on a regular basis?

Definitely Somewhat Not really Not at all

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Cut Out for Silicon Valley
We say that you're not cut out for the Bay Area, but honestly, we think it's more that it's not cut out for you. You are a happy individual just the way you are and don't see the benefits of killing yourself to live and work in Silicon Valley. You would rather concentrate on things like family, love, and fulfillment outside the workplace.

Slightly Cut Out for Silicon Valley
You could possibly survive in cutthroat Silicon Valley, but let's face it--why would you? You understand and respect the Bay Area and the innovation, intelligence, and forward thinking of the people who live and work there, but you also feel as though the rat race is not for you. Why would you kill yourself over anything but love, family, and fulfillment outside the workplace?

Set for Basic Survival in Silicon Valley
You have what it takes to survive in Silicon Valley, but you might not be completely happy to be there. You love your work and all things tech, but you're not willing to devote your entire life to them at such a high cost. Maybe we're wrong, but while you'd definitely be able to survive in such a cutthroat, fast-paced world, we think you'd be happier someplace else.

Silicon Valley Material
You are Silicon Valley material! You live for tech and are passionate about innovation, technological advancement, and the betterment of society through tech. You are willing to work hard to further your ideas, or someone else's, and will thrive in such a diverse, exciting environment--despite the high cost and stress of living in such a cutthroat environment.

Ready to Dominate Silicon Valley
You have what it takes to DOMINATE Silicon Valley! You are CEO material, perhaps--and filled with new ideas. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm for tech, as well as your brilliant mind and ability to adapt to any circumstances, make you a natural for thriving in such a cutthroat world.