Should You Switch To A Minimalist Lifestyle?

Should you switch to a minimalist lifestyle? Take the quiz to find out!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Switch to a Minimalist Lifestyle
You're ready to let go of all the clutter. You've been looking to change things up, kick off a yard sale, and donate what you don't need. And now is the time! You can do this! Start by making four piles: keep, donate, sell, and trash.

Simplify Your Lifestyle But Not Go Fully Minimalist
You're ready to simplify, BUT you shouldn't go fully minimalist. That means you should hold onto some items that mean something to you, even if they're not really . . . useful? You just want to declutter a bit and make things a little more streamlined.

Not Dabble in Simplicity
You were not meant to lead a simple life in a simple place! You were not meant to declutter! You love pretty things, and you have a tendency to collect whatever it is that catches your eye.