What Is Your Love Style?

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Your love style is romantic! When it comes to love, you value romance, affection, and sweet gestures. Nothing makes you happier than a romantic dinner, some fresh flowers, and alone time with your sweetie.

Your love style is passionate! When you are in a relationship, you crave physical affection and connection with your partner. You have a strong need to know everything there is to know about your partner, often engaging in deep conversations that allow you and your lover to feel infinitely connected.

Your romantic style is fun! When it comes to love, you want to have as much fun as possible. You are a very playful partner who has a childlike demeanor when it coms to being in a relationship. You love to play pranks, plan activities, and laugh.

Your love style is rational! You take a very pragmatic rational approach to love, often keeping your inner most thoughts and feelings a secret until you're sure the relationship is going to last. While some might consider you guarded, you view yourself as logical.

Your love style is self sacrificing! When it comes to love you are a selfless doer. You love to make your sweetheart feel appreciated through thoughtful gestures, delicious meals, and endless displays of affection.