What '70s Fashion Trend Should You Try?

Wondering what '70s fashion trend you should try? Find out right now with this entertaining quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Flared Pants
Whether they're denim flares or sweeping, white flared pants, you'll stand out from the crowd with these babies! And it's okay, they're quickly coming back in fashion! The runways say so.

Peasant Blouses
They're breathable, colorful, and most importantly, trendy. They pair well with pants, shorts, or even skirts. They're the perfect choice to stay in style while simultaneously hiding any bloat or belly!

Floral Dresses
They were short, trendy, and floral print. Seventies dresses were all the rage when paired with boots and long hair. The sleeves were wide, and the waistline was cut close to the body. And you know what? They're back!

These had fringe or vibrant colors, and they were paired with jeans or skirts a lot. And this awesome trend came back! Don't be surprised if you see it all season long!

Platform Shoes
They make you taller and more poised, and naturally make you look thinner (you know, because you're forced to stand tall). They're the perfect trend because, if anything, they're just heels with a more distinct look!