Which Era In Time Would Fit You?

What's your past personality profile? Take this easy quiz to find out what time period matches your present personality!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ancient Egypt
You're a mystic who seeks to understand the ancient secrets of the pyramids. Set your time machine to travel to the Nile Valley in 2000 B.C. and enroll in the Egyptian Mystery School. The treasures of Tut await you!

The Roman Republic
Venisti, vidisti, vicisti! You are a fair and just leader who commands with strength and wisdom. Set your time machine to travel to a Senate hearing in 50 B.C. and offer your advice to Julius Caesar. Who knows what could change if you are at his side?

The Viking Age
You are fearless in your fight for what you want, willing to sacrifice anything to achieve your goals. Going berserk isn't socially acceptable in modern times, so set your time machine to travel to the frosty Scandinavian fjords in 800 A.D., where being a hardcore warrior is totally the norm.

The High Middle Ages
You are brave, courteous, and honorable, and you have a little bit of a romantic streak. In short, you'd make a perfect knight. So don your armor, and saddle your steed. You are traveling back to Glastonbury, England, in 1100 A.D., where you will be able to joust and feast to your heart's delight.

The Age of Discovery
You are an adventurer with an inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge. So set your time machine for Spanish Seville in 1519, and jump aboard ship under command of Ferdinand Magellan to make the first circumnavigation of the globe!

The Romantic Era
You are a sensitive dreamer who believes in soul mates and traditional romance. If searching for love online hasn't returned your perfect match, set your time machine for 1700s London, and get ready to be wooed by the handsome heir or hopeful heroine of your dreams!