Who Will Be Your Valentine?

Valentine's Day is coming up sooner than you think! Will your crush notice you? Maybe someone will turn YOUR head!

Tags: Relationship, Person

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Neighbor!
You spend so much time at home that you must have a huge crush on your neighbor--or your neighbor has a crush on you!

A Coworker or Classmate!
You live at your workplace, so it must mean that either you absolutely love it or you have nothing better to do! They say love happens where you spend the most time, so get ready to fall in love with that special someone at work!

A Friend!
Aww . . . a friendship turned to romance. How sweet! Having that foundation means it will probably last. A forever valentine might be yours!

Your Crush!
FINALLY. This is your year. Your crush is going to notice you and be your perfect valentine!

A Celebrity!
Well don't you have all the luck! You're going to accidentally meet your celebrity crush somewhere unexpected, and you will absolutely blow them away so that they can't help but ask to be your valentine . . .

Your Pest!
That person who has wanted you for years but you've been ignoring? That one. You're going to look at that person and see something you haven't seen before, and it will spark wonder and excitement in you, so you'll finally give in and give them a chance. Maybe it will just be the one chance, but for this year, anyway, they'll be your valentine.