Which Of Henry VIII's Six Wives Are You?

Are you Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Catherine of Aragon
You have a serious mind and deeply held principles. People respect you and trust your judgment. You can endure great hardships. You are humble but strong. You always do what you believe to be right.

Anne Boleyn
You are a risk-taker! You dream big, and you go for it. You don't care about the odds or how difficult the road is ahead of you. No matter the obstacle, you will find a way around it. You are endlessly resourceful, and you've always got a trick up your sleeve.

Jane Seymour
Sweet, loving, and kind, you have a heart for everyone and are always happy to help someone out. You know that some of the greatest things you can do are the day-to-day little gestures for other people. You are a very lovable person.

Anne of Cleves
You can easily amuse yourself, and you're always happy to spend time alone. You enjoy reading new books and discovering new interests. You're easily content, and you take life as it comes.

Catherine Howard
You love to have fun, and nothing makes you happier than a fantastic party. You have a lot of laughter to share with the world. People can find so much joy just spending time with you.

Catherine Parr
You are patient, long-suffering, and dependable. You help other people and support them through their difficulties. You are always happy to offer a shoulder for someone to lean on.