Which Haircut Best Suits You And Your Lifestyle?

Wondering what haircut looks the best on you, without setting unrealistic standards for everyday life? Take the quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Short Pixie
You lead a very busy lifestyle, and you hate it when your hair gets in the way. But most importantly, you have the face shape for short hair! Don't be afraid of a pixie haircut, as it can be styled quickly, doesn't get in your way, and adds an element of fanciness to all your outfits!

Shoulder Length
You should go for no longer than your shoulders! You have cute features that would be complemented by hair this length. Pull it up, or let it down. You can still do a lot with this hair length, but it doesn't feel heavy and messy like long hair can.

Medium Length
You would look best with hair that is just an inch or two past your shoulders. It gives you just enough length to avoid the 'cute' look and go with your more mature, versatile style. And yet it's not overly long!

Long and Layered
You are edgy, and you love being able to do pretty much everything to your hair--wearing updos, letting it down, or pulling it up and out of the way in a messy bun. More than anything, you like a slightly messy vibe, like bed head but socially acceptable.

Long and Sleek
You like to leave your hair down more than anything. You barely ever pull it up. More so, you have soft, fine, shiny hair, so it's ideal for a long, sleek look--all one length, no bangs. Paired with a minimalistic fashion style, you'd be ready to rock the runway!