What Is Your Ideal Dream Job?

Wondering what your ideal dream job is? Maybe you're doing it now? That's wishful thinking, but who knows? This quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You want to make loads of money while simultaneously helping people get better. And you're not queasy, so you can handle getting bloody, cutting people open, and seeing all types of diseases imaginable.

Creative Director
You're creative, and you have a ton of creative ideas for just about everything from photography to film, branding and advertising, and campaigns. However, you don't want to focus on doing it all yourself. You have such a large vision for things and know that it's better to get people who specialize in what they do. You may be a generalist, but you're laser focused on each project's final result.

You love to write and create worlds that are far better than ours. You like to study the human condition, good and bad. And most of all, you like the freedom of being able to write from your bed, in comfy socks and covered in blankets. You don't even mind the uncertainty of paychecks in this field--you have to give back the advance, and pitching a book to a publisher that finally says yes can take years.

You like to lead, you like to get your hands dirty, you're all about working out without having to go to the gym, and you like making things look good. That means you'd be an amazing contractor! You can lead your team and make your vision come to life.

You don't want to work for anyone else. You don't even want to get up at the crack of dawn in order to commute an hour to get to work and do someone else's bidding. No, instead you want to do your own thing, reclaim your freedom, and do something meaningful to you. The issues are that not all businesses make it and it's also A LOT of work. Maybe start small, as a side hustle, and build from there without quitting the day job yet.