How 'Woke' Are You?

Is spreading social justice your life, or not really? Take this quiz to find out how 'woke' you are.


Here are all the results with descriptions

Are Still Asleep
Maybe you're just in your own world, or maybe you don't care about injustices happening around you. Either way, it would probably be good to occasionally find ways to combat inequality and injustice, even if it's something as small as denouncing inequality and supporting a charitable cause that is trying to help others.

Have Your Eyes Open
You know that injustice and inequality exist in the world, and you don't agree with it. You're wise enough to choose your battles and smart enough not to let every little thing trigger or offend you. You're a realist and know that the world isn't perfect, but you also try to do your part to help.

Are a Social-Justice Warrior
You will not stand for inequality, and you look for ways to call out racism, sexism, or any other type of discrimination whenever possible. While your efforts are noble, you should probably find one cause and stick to it rather than trying to fight every battle that you see, no matter how small. If not, you're going to wear yourself out eventually.

Are So Woke, So Triggered
You're one more news article or perceived injustice away from your head exploding. You can find something offensive in even the most innocuous of things. Your friends and family probably don't want to be around you much because they run the risk of offending you. Do yourself a favor and turn off the computer, stay off social media, and go outside and enjoy life for a while. Maybe you'll see that the world really isn't all that bad!