Can We Guess Your Hair Color?

Wondering if we can guess your hair color? Then it's time to put us to the test. Just answer a few questions to give us some mini leads, and we'll get it right!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a little ditsy, a little out there. And sometimes, you have the hardest time keeping up in conversation because of it. People call you out on it all the time, about nodding or laughing when you have no idea what's going on. But it's not your fault: you just don't get a lot of the references often used.

You are creative, quirky, funny, and unexpected. Although initially, people don't quite know what to make of you, and may approach you with a bit of caution, they quickly wind up either loving or hating you. No in between. Those who do decide you're awesome, tend to stay around. Friends for life, really. But as for romantic partners, well, that's another story. You're not the most open and honest.

You go through life feeling just about average. You go to school or work and feel average. You feel average at home, or out and about. You feel average in relationships, no matter how many times you're told that you're beautiful. . . But you're really not average at all, you're a cut above most. It's just that you haven't seen that yet.

You're spooky, unexpected, multi-talented, and even refreshing. You don't try to be like others, and it shows, because you're so interesting in so many ways. It's impossible for people to not have a good time when you're around. You're always going to stand out and show them how to live life in a way that's far more entertaining than their own.