Do You Light Up The Room?

Wondering whether you light up the room or get overlooked? Find out right now!

Tags: Charm, Grace

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Light Up the Room
You walk into a room, and immediately, everyone is aware. Men and women turn their heads. The room seems to hold still for a moment. And then everything resumes. But for that brief moment, everyone is aware. You let out a sort of ripple of awareness around you wherever you go. This is in large part because of your bold personality, poise, and looks.

Illuminate the Room Dimly
When you walk into a room, there are sporadic bubbles of awareness throughout. Some people are made aware that you've entered, while others go about their business. This goes to show that although most people tend to overlook you, the people who already know you well realize just how special you are. They know, full well, just how much you're capable of shining.

Go Completely Unnoticed
Unfortunately, you do not get noticed at all when you walk into a room. No one turns to look. No one is made aware. You're just unnoticed. And that is not a good thing! Obviously, you have a lot to offer, and you're probably very special and talented at a great many things. But you tend to hide and blend in. You may be timid or simply don't handle attention very well.