What House Should You Live in?

Answer these simple questions to find out which house best suits your personality.

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Victorian House
You are slightly old-fashioned and appreciate traditional values. You like to live life fully, on a grand scale, and you celebrate every occasion with a sit-down family dinner and a bottle of champagne.

Stylish and out-going, you throw a mean cocktail party. Although your busy life is streamlined and well-organized, you have a certain flair for the artistic.

You are a bit of an introvert, at times a real loner, but you welcome the company of others when you are in the right frame of mind. You probably have one or two extremely close, perhaps lifelong, friends. You love nature and the weather greatly affects your mood.

You are down-to-earth and natural, capable, flexible, and easy to please. More than one person considers you their best friend. Others can rely on you when they are in need and everyone feels comfortable around you.

Sensible and no-nonsense, you are an extremely busy person who loves to travel. You have friends all over the world. Career-driven, you both work and play hard.

Friendly and companionable, you are the sort of person who knows all of your neighbours by name. You always have time for a chat and a kind word. You are good with children and they tend to like you in return.