What Decorating Style Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your decorating style is modern! You love simplicity, clean lines, and neutral colors that create contrast in a room. You prefer form to function and are always looking for interesting and artistic pieces to add to your home.

Your decorating style is rustic craftsman! You enjoy the warmth and coziness a room can exude with the right colors, plush linens, and soft couches. You believe that comfort and feeling at home are the most important thing when decorating.

Shabby Chic
Your decorating style is shabby chic! You love repurposed antiques, bright white linens, and white washed furniture and walls. You believe that life should be a balance between the old and the new.

Eclectic Bohemian
Your decorating style is eclectic bohemian. You love bright colors, global inspired touches, and anything vintage or bohemian. You are the queen of flea markets, yard sales, and bazaars. Your home is as original and creative as you are!

Upscale Glamour
Your decorating style is upscale glamour! You love for your home to reflect the glamorous and glitzy art deco era. From plush rugs and faux fur, to lots of gold and silver touches, you like your home to look as elegant and refined as you do.