How Much Of A Yankee Are You?

Are you a true 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' or just a wannabe Northerner--or neither? Take the quiz to find out if you are a true-blue colonial patriot or not!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Most Yankee EVER
You are more Yankee than Yankee Doodle. You probably do Revolutionary War reenactments and can trace your family back to the colonies. You eat pie for breakfast, your flag only has 13 stars, and you think that anything less than three feet of snow in the winter is a joke. All your home decor comes from L.L. Bean, and you know of at least 20 varieties of apples and 30 recipes to cook them with. You have tapped trees for maple syrup. You have eaten clams on pizza. You only get your coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. You know what 'pissah' means, and everything is 'wicked,' and that is a good thing. When people say 'the city,' you think Boston. It does not get more Yankee than you unless it is literally dumping tea from a boat while eating apple cider donuts.

A Northeasterner!
New England or the Mid-Atlantic states? A lot of people cannot tell the difference, and there are similarities. You may not be from New England, but you have experienced some Nor'easters in your day. You can name all the Ivy Leagues, and you have one within driving distance of your hometown. You know what pizza is supposed to taste like, how cold a swim in the Atlantic Ocean can be, and that having a bonfire by the lake in the summer is a lifestyle. Fall is the prettiest time of year where you live, and sweater season is most of the year, except for summer, which is basically like spending three months trapped in Satan's armpit. There are Revolutionary War markers all around, and it is not uncommon for the buildings to be centuries old. In fact, your house may even have a hand-built foundation or fireplace. When people say 'the city,' you think either New York City or Philadelphia. You may not be as Yankee as a New Englander, but at least you do not think celery salt is exotic.

A Northerner!
You definitely come from the Northern part of the United States, where it gets cold in the winter and people frown upon waving the Confederate flag, but you are probably not from the Northeast, much less New England. Midwest, perhaps? Sure, you do share a lot of similarities with Yankees--and to people from the South, you ARE a Yankee! However, you may not know what it is like to dig your car out when lake-effect snow chases a Nor'easter, nor could you theoretically walk to the next state--but you could probably theoretically take a bus to the Canadian border. And you may have grandparents who winter in Florida after Thanksgiving, so you can also enjoy some apple pie while watching the leaves change.

NOT a Yankee At All!
Hell, you are not even from the North. This probably does not bother you at all. You were probably just making sure you are not a Yankee. I hope you are satisfied with your answer. Of course, you just may not be from America at all, or you may be one of those fancy, cosmopolitan Yankees who ran off to the big city and forgot where they came from. However, you are always welcome up in the North, as long as you can keep the pace and learn how to drive in the snow.