What Should I Write About?

Wondering what you should write about next? Battle that annoying writer's block with this entertaining, muse-inducing quiz and get back to your craft!

Here are all the results with descriptions

It could be a classic pirate story. A take on everything you'd change from the well-known movies and books on pirates, or even a reimagining. Like what if they were space pirates? Or pirates from the future? Even pirates in a steampunk world?

People Getting Lost In The Wilderness
They could be taken my creatures in the middle of the night. Hunted like prey. They could succumb to the most trivial of noob outdoorsmen mistakes. Or they could even have a serial killer in their group. But who?

It could result from anything, or even be cause unknown. But what if people began to either die or turn into zombies?

These guys are intense. They feed off human blood, can poison you with just a touch, and put you in a dream-like state while they feed off of you for a long period of time. They're depicted in Middle Eastern folktales and religion, especially Arabic.

Moving To A New State
A family getting away from an awful town that's gone to the dogs. A father and daughter escaping the end of the world. A couple starting a brand new chapter together. It could be a forced move, or a welcome one, your choice.

If Animals Could Talk
Maybe cats and dogs don't hate each other. Maybe birds really do have Italian accents. Or perhaps lizards talk in a squeaky, fast voice and hang with scorpions in desert bars. What would all of these animals say to each other? What are they days like? What are their troubles?