What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Do you have a specific sense of style that is represented in your wardrobe? Take the quiz to find out what your choice in clothing says about your personality!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a free spirit!
Your clothing reflects your free-spirited nature. Your confident and relaxed approach to life is represented in the flowy fabrics and articles of clothing, which were most likely brought on a backpacking trip through an exotic destination.

a dreamer!
Your clothing choices reveal you to be someone who prefers fantasy over reality. You also enjoy all things whimsical and are known to your friends and family to have a laid-back, approachable personality.

an artist!
Your wardrobe is full of statement pieces befitting an art collection. It's clear that you have an eye for unique and unusual clothing and jewelry. Your wardrobe choices reflect your artistic sensibilities!

a bookworm!
Your head is typically in the books, which means that you're not as concerned about your fashion choices. If anything, your casual and relaxed style is indicative of a smart and introverted person; someone who is constantly thinking critically about the world around them.

a nurturer!
Your wardrobe choices indicate that you are someone who enjoys taking care of others. You're the one people go to when seeking guidance or advice, which you gladly give. Many people have even claimed that you have an old soul.

a go-getter!
Your wardrobe is very stylish and on-trend. It's clear that you're a highly motivated, outgoing individual who likes to put effort into the way they look. With that said, making the right first impression is important to you, which means that you're always put together.