What Should I Paint?

Wondering what you should paint next? Debating whether it should be a sunset or a gorgeous night sky? Take this entertaining quiz and get your answer right away!

Tags: Hobby, Interest

Here are all the results with descriptions

Something Gothic
It could be a gothic cathedral by a cemetery. Or it could just be the cemetery. It could be a dark room cast in shadow with a stream of light shining through. Or it could be a woman in a dark, ripped dress facing away from you. Anything dark, twisted, or otherwise romantic that could spark up comparisons to gothic art.

Something Tropical & Full of Foliage
It could be a series of palm trees on the shoreline of an island. It could be the jungle, and all of its huge leaves. It could even be a tropical waterfall, surrounded with bright Hibiscus flowers and super green leaves. Whatever you choose to paint, make sure it's enough to make you want to take a vacation afterward.

A Time of Day Or Night: (Sunrise, Sunset, Night, or Day)
There's something about the time of day or night that really inspires you. The color variations in a sunrise or a sunset. The stark contrast between the dark night sky and the bright stars. Or even just the brightness of a nice, sunny day. Why not get swept away by time and color?

A Meaningful Person
There's nothing you love painting more than something meaningful, especially if it's someone you love. It could be a parent, a romantic partner, a friend or even someone fictional that changed your life (favorite book or movie character). Whomever you choose, know that painting them is probably going to be a fun time, full of shared memories and laughter.