What Should I Draw?

Are you stumped about what you should draw? This short quiz will evaluate your interests and abilities to give you a suggestion or your next art project.

Tags: Hobby, Passion, Drawing

Here are all the results with descriptions

An Animal
Besides being a fur lover, you have the talent necessary to master the complex muscular and skeletal structure of animals. Why not spend a few hours sketching a favorite animal? Practice makes perfect.

An Abstract
You can't be confined to a defined object. Abstract art is the medium for you. So, attempt a geometric design, or think about how you can create a non-traditional representation of a physical object. Experiment with colors, lines, shapes, and strokes. There's no limit to what you can invent so enjoy the freedom to explore.

A Still Life
Draw something you see in front of you! Still life is a great way to discover the details of ordinary objects. Try to capture the curves of an apple, the shine of mirror, and the sharp edges of a set of knives. It's harder than you think, but you will feel rewarded when your illustration starts to take shape.

A Caricature
You are a people person, so why not try a caricature? Unlike a traditional portrait that may portray a person quite realistically, caricatures exaggerate one or two outstanding features of a person. Use yourself as the subject, or pick someone who can laugh at themselves because the results are often quite comical!

You have the patience and talent required to draw buildings. You can sketch architecture freehand, but you might also try using a ruler to match the dimensions of the original and a compass to capture the exact angles of the curves. What architecturally exciting buildings exist in your hometown?

A Landscape
Landscapes are quite challenging to draw, but you have the skills required to give them a try! Of course, you might be attracted to the natural beauty of mountains, lakes, and forests, but don't forget that landscapes may also be the imaginary landscape of a foreign planet or a hidden city under the sea.