What is Your Investing IQ?

Do you work for your money, or does money work for you? Let us help you figure out your investing IQ and if you have what it takes to be rich or if you need some help...

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An investing fool.
You either do not understand the value of money or waiting for it to grow, or you simply do not care. Either way, you may need help seeing the future and understand that your behavior now affects your money and financial health later.

An average investor.
You may not be Wall Street material, but that is no crime. After all, there is more to life than money, and there are things more important than counting dollars or watching the stock market. You can take care of yourself financially, and that is what matters.

An investing genius!
Look out world, here is the next tycoon! You understand money very well, and you probably already have a little bit stashed away already. You may not be the most fun person in the room, but someday, you will be the richest!