What Degree Is Right For Me?

Are you struggling to figure out what college degree best suits you? Answer these few questions and you can uncover what type of degree best fits your interests and personality.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a math whiz kid! Reliable and focused, you were born to be an accountant. You just simply get numbers and a degree outside of the math world would just be a waste. So work on your accountant skills and kill it in college and in life afterwards!

Fine Arts
You are all about the visual and performing arts. You love photography, movies, and any kind of visual art piece. You also enjoy performing! So continue to be artsy and perfect your craft, and give the world the visual beauty that it needs!

You are a scientist at heart. You are serious and data driven. The world and people around you are your own personal science experiment that you love to observe. Stick to the sciences and there is no doubt that you will do incredible things with your degree!

You have a love for all things literature. You enjoy the classics and have an eye for a good book. A romantic at heart you should pursue English. Whether that means you'll be writing the next big book, teaching future generations or dissecting others' literature only time will tell!

Computer Science
You are a nerd at heart. You love computers and coding, and really just all things tech. Computer science is definitely the way to go, plus it's the job of the future. The world needs your tech-savvy brain!

You are a critical thinker. You love to examine the past and learn about the origins of the world that surrounds us. Without history majors the world would begin to forget how we got here and would inevitably continuously make the same mistakes.