How Well Do You Know Irish Slang?

Have you got the gift of gab or are you full of Blarney? Find out how well you'd do on the streets of Dublin by testing your knowledge of Irish Slang!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Know nothing about Irish slang!
Before you hop on a jet on vacation to Ireland, you should pull your socks up and grab a book on Irish slang! You might run into a sleeveen or, if you don't get what someone's talking about, you could get a puck in the gob. Nah, don't look so shook, we're only slagging!

Know a wee bit about Irish slang
You don't know very much Irish slang but you're not completely stuttles. So you don't think the whole shebang was biscuits to a bear, you probably learned some by taking this quiz. Now crack on and go learn some more!

Know enough about Irish slang to not be completely lost
Just a bit more and you'll be totally hatchet. Just don't get too cocky and make a holy show of yourself by mixing it up. If you do, you might be on your tod. But never fear, if you look scarlet enough someone's bound to ask story horse and then you'll get to practice again.

Know a LOT of Irish slang!
Fair play to you, now you're sucking diesel! You're certainly no eejit. You would get on quite well gabbing with the Irish. So fly over there and be flyin it with your gift of gab. Sure you know yourself, of course.

Are an Irish slang expert!
Bang on! You must be from the Emerald Isle. Maybe you even invented half of the slang in this quiz. You certainly do know a lot! Certainly, no one is going to cod you. You could probably even play the cute hoor or chancer yourself!