French Quiz

Do you claim to know a lot about French language and culture? Prove it! Let's see if you can survive our challenging and fun online French knowledge quiz!

Tags: Language, Trivia

Here are all the results with descriptions

not an expert
You don't know much about the French grammar or the culture of its speakers, but at least you like the language. If you enroll in a class, you will learn more about this cool language. Parlez-vous francais?

not a whiz
You got a few questions right, but you certainly still have a lot to learn about French grammar or the culture of the people who speak it. Doesn't that sound like a great excuse to visit France? Parlez-vous francais?

nothing to brag about
You know a couple of basic facts about Francophone culture and the French language, but you are far from an expert. You still have a lot to learn so why not book a trip to a French-speaking country today?

You are about average when it comes to French language and culture. You are not completely ignorant, but it would be a good cultural experience for you to spend some time living in a francophone country>.

pretty smart
Have you spent some time living in a francophone country? You have mastered the basics of the language and culture and you even got some of the most challenging questions right. This calls for a croissant!

practically Parisian
Parlez-vous francais? Wow, you are probably French or you have spent considerable time living in a French-speaking country, right? You got virtually every question correct on our challenging quiz. Congratulations!