What's Your Best Facial Feature?

What's your most attractive facial feature? This brief quiz will help you identify your best asset so you can highlight it to your advantage in your next photo.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

are your stunning eyes.
Eyes are the window to the soul, so you must be truly wonderful inside. The shape of your eyes perfectly frames their beautiful color. Of course, you can always highlight your lovely eyes with makeup. But if you want to go the natural route, curl your lashes, shape your eyebrows, and choose hair and clothing colors that compliment your eye color.

is your captivating smile.
Your fantastic smile has the power to make someone's day. You have a lovely shape to your mouth and great teeth, but you know what the true power behind your smile is? It's your sincerity and warmth! When you smile, people know it's from the heart.

is your amazing mane of hair.
Your hair is fierce! The color, shine, and body of your mane are gorgeous, but that's not its only appeal. Your hairstyle frames your face perfectly and helps people to notice your other attractive facial features. Show your appreciation and pamper your hair today with a deep conditioning treatment and a trim.

are your eyebrows. They are on fleek!
Eyebrows on fleek are perfectly groomed. No stray hairs! No uni-brows. If you didn't start with the ideal shape, you've used the shape of your face and eyes to determine how your eyebrows should be and you've trained them well. Eyebrows are a frame for your eyes and a highlight of your face so you should be happy to have such an amazing pair.

is your luscious mouth.
Perhaps your lips are symmetrical, or perhaps they are just plump and inviting. . .They are your best asset so play them to your advantage. Make sure to keep them moisturized. Treat yourself to a new lip balm and remember to smile!

are your adorable ears.
I bet you didn't see that coming! In both sexes, symmetrical ears (the same size and placement on the right and left of your head) can be interpreted as indicators of intelligence. Smaller ears can seem cute and larger ones... well the better to hear you with! So don't hide your ears behind your hair, show them off to the world and get ready to listen to some high praise.