Are You An Early Bird Or A Night Owl?

Wondering if you're really an early bird? What if you're actually a night owl? Only one way to find out: take this quiz and put it to the test right now!

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1. Do you stay up late?

No Yes

2. Do you like staying up late?

Yes Yes, I wish I could actually still do that. No

4. Do you wake up early on the weekends?

Yes No

5. Even when you don't set an alarm, do you naturally just wake up?

Yes, used to it. No, too tired.

Here are all the results with descriptions

An Early Bird
You genuinely enjoy waking up early, you're used to it, and even on the weekends, you naturally wake up early. The good news is that your days are longer and productive as a result. Also, going to sleep at the same time every night is actually good for you, so there's that. But wow! Never sleeping in?

An Early Bird, But Only Because You Have To Be
You're not naturally an early bird. In fact, you'd prefer to stay up late into the night, and rise somewhat late. There's something magical about the night, when everyone's asleep and can't bother you. You're at your most productive then... But alas, duty calls. You probably have a job that benefits from early hours, so you've become an early bird.

A Night Owl
You are most certainly a night owl! You have tried going to sleep early and it just doesn't work for you. You've also tried waking up early and man, that was an awful idea. The good news is that your life right now accommodates your prefered nightly routine. Maybe look into a job that supports that?

A Night Owl, But Only Because You Have To Be
You're not really a night owl, but you work the graveyard shift somewhere and now you find yourself awake late into the night. You'd prefer to be asleep, but instead, stay awake through conversation, coffee, books, games, and social media. This means you're also very tired all the time. Maybe look into another form of employment?