Can We Guess Your Age By What You're Afraid Of?

Everybody is afraid of something, and they say a lot about you. In this short quiz, we will analyze your fears to pinpoint your age. Let's get started right now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

four and eighteen years old.
You are afraid of the unknown, like the monster that may be underneath your bed or the scary shapes in your room at night. However, once you get a little older and braver, you will be able to find out that a lot of your fears are just your imagination.

nineteen and twenty-one years old.
You are at the age that you are not afraid of anything. Unfortunately, your lack of fear can cause you to take unnecessary risks with your life. Of course, thrills are fun, but make sure to take reasonable precautions to keep yourself safe.

twenty-two to thirty years old.
The future is scary for you right now because you don't know if your career will be successful or if you will find your life partner. However, you don't have to accept all that life deals you. You can make good decisions now that will lead you towards having the things that you want.

thirty-one to fifty years old.
By your age, you have lost a lot of your childhood's irrational fears. However, many of your loved ones are experiencing sicknesses and dying, and that's just plain scary. You are also beginning to realize that you won't be young and fit forever.

fifty-one to sixty-five years old.
Who is going to take care of you when you grow old? Will you end up in a nursing home? These real fears for your future reveal that you are between 51 and 65 years old. The state of the world has you wondering just how the world will turn out for you and your children.

sixty-six and infinity.
Of course, death is a concern, but it's not your biggest fear at your age. Daily activities are becoming more difficult and risky, so what you are really afraid of is losing your independence. Is it time to stop driving? If you become forgetful will others try to take advantage of you? Should you move in with one of your children? These issues weigh on your mind when you are in your late sixties or older.