How Much Do You Know About Makeup?

Want to find out how much you really know about makeup? Put your knowledge to the test with this tricky quiz right away! You might know less than you think...

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Here are all the results with descriptions

No Knowledge Of Makeup
You know nothing about makeup. Maybe it's because you don't actually wear any, or you just haven't experimented with a lot of it. Maybe you just know the basics. Whatever it is, it may be nice to spend an hour or two just watching some tutorials online for a change?

Poor Knowledge Of Makeup
You have very little knowledge of makeup. It's not a lot. It could be that you just don't actively wear makeup. It could also be that you are too scared to try and mess up really badly. It may be helpful to read some blogs, and watch some tutorials.

Passable Knowledge Of Makeup
You know enough about makeup to look good. It's not enough knowledge to look outright amazing, and show off flawless makeup though. Let's say you've gotten a handle on the basics, like foundation shade, mascara and a touch of lip gloss. Technically, you're fine, but you're not blowing anyone away.

Good Knowledge Of Makeup
You know your fair share about makeup. You're good at applying it, you know which item does what and why. But you know what? You're no makeup stylist either. There are some things you still have to learn. The good news is that a few years from now, just doing what you're doing, is bound to make you an expert.

Super Expert Knowledge Of Makeup
You know everything there is to know about makeup, down to the ingredients, brands, shades and skin types. You're all about the technicalities behind it all. Chances are you spend a lot of time watching tutorials and reading up on the subject. Good job, your makeup must be FLAWLESS!