What Should I Listen To?

Wondering what you should listen to next? Take this insightful quiz and find out right now! You will be pleasantly surprised to find a new band or artist, or even album.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You want to wind down, relax, maybe sleep or study. You want to cook or just chill out doing something light and fun, like reading. It's time to listen to some classical music! It's time to enjoy the relaxing music.

You need something upbeat and exciting! Something that makes you super happy and energized. Something that makes you want to get up and dance already! It's time to put on some trance and move to the beat.

Alternative Rock
You're a 90's soul at heart, one that is full of anger, happiness, and genuinely the rest of human emotion. You like your music to stand for something, to mean something, to reflect how you feel at any given moment.

You like your music to be catchy and somewhat... addicting! It doesn't need to be deep, it doesn't need to stand for anything, and it certainly doesn't need to have any sort of meaning. It simply needs to get stuck in your head!