What Is Your Southern Personality?

The South has distinct personalities. Your personality falls somewhere between Southern Belle to Redneck. Find out now by answering some fun multiple-choice questions.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a redneck.
Well, rednecks like you don't have too much money or book learning, but you do work hard. . .outside in the sun, hence the bright red neck! (You might want to try some sunscreen.) If you don't have something, you just make do. . . which explains the homemade trampoline in your backyard made out of rubber bands and electrical cords.

a clodhoppin' hillbilly.
Hillbillies used to live in remote areas of the countryside, so they were a bit out of touch with modern society. However, with the Internet, transportation, and cable TV, you no longer have any excuse to be walking around barefoot with a bottle of moonshine in your left pocket! The banjo music is good though. . .nothing wrong with an occasional hoedown.

a Southern Belle/Beau.
You are a Southern belle (or beau), the best of what the South has to offer. Your manners are charming, your accent quaint, and your hospitality is legendary. To top it all off, you are stunningly gorgeous with a killer smile. https://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/35-easy-ways-to-identify-a-southern-woman?utm_term=.cgd9kYvyxM#.fpYmjpZnbX

a county bumpkin.
You would never be accused of being sophisticated. Then again, you probably don't even know what sophisticated means. That's okay; t's easier to be happy all the time when you have no idea what's going on!

a Tex-Mex.
You have some Texas airs, but you have also adopted some cool Mexican customs from south of the border. You benefit from the best of both worlds with your delicious fusion cuisine, music, and clothing.

Historically, carpetbaggers traveled from North to South after the Civil War to take advantage of opportunities to make money from the Reconstruction. Nowadays, the term refers an opportunist with few scruples when it comes to taking advantage of others. You may live in the South or pretend to have country ways, but your Northern heart shows through and gives you away as a carpetbagger.