The Impossible Quiz

Can you answer all of the questions in this quiz? IMPOSSIBLE. Of course, it might also be impossible not to beat the quiz. Only your curiosity will know. Challenge the impossible and beat the quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not in touch with the impossible
You are tethered to the chain that locks us into reality. Break free! Don't be all stuck in a quagmire of 'reality' and 'proof' and all of that stuffy stuffy business about facts and being realistic. Live a little. Dare to defy! Do something IMPOSSIBLE.

Stifling your inner child
Once upon a time, you believed in magic. What happened? Don't you know the impossible is EVERYTHING? You need to do a serious streaming binge on some old children's classics. Make Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Nanny McPhee your new best friends. Be impossible!

Basically possible
Well, you have some impossibility floating about you but you just aren't letting it in. Stop being so NORMAL. Get WEIRD. Take an interest in the impossible. Go try to meet a leprechaun or invent a machine that translates dog thoughts into human words!

Dancing on the edge
Good for you! You have thrown vanity and normality and caution to the side! You have more than a twinkle of ingenuity and daring about you. You might even be close to believing the impossible. You might even still wonder if there really IS a Santa Claus.

Reality has been absolutely left behind. You have stepped through the looking glass and you're on your way to believing at least six impossible things before breakfast. You might even learn to travel via heel clicking any day now!