Are You a Weeaboo?

Are you beyond otaku and full-n weeaboo? How obsessed with you with Japanese culture? Take this quiz and find out if you are a weeaboo or just a normal fan.

Tags: Hobby, Fascination, Anime

Here are all the results with descriptions

a weeaboo!
Are you thinking of moving to Tokyo? Do you live there already? You love Japanese culture, and everything Japanese. This goes beyond a love of anime and manga. You love the history, the culture, the language, the food, and the customs. You may have even studied the language. You may even think that you are Japanese, even though you are clearly not.

NOT a weeaboo!
You may appreciate many Japanese things, but you are not a weeaboo. Sure, you may be a Japanophile. Perhaps you studied karate or Eastern languages. You enjoy the food, the fashion, the customs, and the architecture, but you would not trade Japanese for your own culture.

do not even like Japan!
Why you took this quiz no one will ever know, because you know that you are not a weeaboo. Sushi freaks you out, and Godzilla does not excite you. You hate the idea of sitting on the floor to eat. You hate anima and manga. Perhaps you could open your mind just a little?