What Kind Of Best Friend Are You?

Some simple questions to find out what type of friend you are to your closest friends.

Tags: Friendship, Relationship, Loyalty, Teens, Girls

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Coach
You are always encouraging your friends to take the high road and push themselves to be better, and you're there to help them do it. Your friends trust you to give an honest opinion and be there when they really need you. Overall, your friends are better people for having you in their lives.

The Loyal One
You take the word 'friend' seriously. You are loyal to the end and expect the same from your friends. You will drop your plans, stick your neck out, and swallow your pride to keep your friends happy. Your friends are lucky to have you!

The Fun One
You're the friend people call when they want to have a good time, and you're always invited to the party. You know how to lighten the mood or distract your friends when they need a laugh or a drink. Everyone needs a friend like you!

The Rule-Breaker
You're the friend that pushes people to try new things and you're always up for an adventure. Your friends are lucky to have you because you help them push their boundaries and explore more of the world than they would if you weren't around!

The Honest One
You're the friend that's always direct and honest. Your friends trust you for advice and encouragement because they know you won't deceive them. Everyone needs a friend like you that they can come to for honest advice.

The Cheerleader
You're the friend that's always there to encourage and cheer on your friends. You're the first one there to cheer them up after a bad day and you're in the front row when they have a big day. Everyone needs a friend like you to help them celebrate or cheer them up when they're down!