What's Your Intelligence Type?

Everyone is 'smart' in different ways. Let's find out your intelligence! Will it be logical, interpersonal or intrapersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, or musical?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your brain is a puzzle solver. You like to experiment and ask abstract questions. You learn best by investigating for yourself rather than studying what has already been established. You reason and calculate to find patterns and relationships.

Interpersonal: You are 'people smart.' You learn best by interacting with others in group activities or conversation. You always want to understand other people and you show empathy when others are suffering. You also understand yourself. Intrapersonal - You understand yourself, and you are very self-reflective. You learn independently by examining your own mistakes or by reading about others.

You are in tune with your body. You are graceful and you can control your movements well. You excel in physical activities, from balancing, dancing, sports, or even performing surgery! You communicate with touch and gestures. You learn best by acting things out or practicing the actions.

You are in tune with your physical environment. You can manipulate three-dimensional objects in your mind. You learn best by drawing, creating charts, or imagining. You will have a lot of fun building models or doing jigsaw puzzles.

You are 'word smart.' You can use words easily in speech and writing. You love to read and write poems or stories. You learn best from audio recordings, books, or conversations with others. You would enjoy crossword puzzles and word games.

You are 'music smart.' You can recognize many styles of music, but you are also very attuned to the sounds around you in daily life. You are one of the rare types who may actually study better if you play background music. You learn best by making up songs or tapping out rhythms to memorize things.