What Book Should I Read?

Get the most out of your next novel by answering these few simple questions to help you in deciding what book you should pick up and start reading right now.

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What Book Should I Read?

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A Romance Novel
It seems like you are lacking a little bit of romance and excitement in your life. This is one kind of book that is sure to get you sucked right into the story. You want to make sure you have some time to dedicate to it because, once you get wrapped up in the love story, you're not going to want to put it down.

A Love Story
Either you're really in love right now, or you're waiting for the love of your life to pop up. Either way, a book surrounding a wild love story will make you believe in happily ever after. If you enjoy love stories on the big screen, try reading it in print instead.

A Sci-Fi Book
Whether you are being overworked, or if you just have a love for all things fantasy, any sci-fi stories are a surefire way to help you step out of reality for a bit and decompress. Find a collection that you like and soon you'll be reading them all.

A Self-Help Book
You've reached a point in your life where you aren't quite sure why nothing seems to be working out the way you want it to. Self-help books will teach you how we all need to slow down and enjoy what's happening right now. Stop looking backward and don't put too much pressure on the future. Make yourself the best you can be.

Something Religious
With all the availability you have on your hands, you can focus on your faith. You could be doing a little soul searching, trying to find yourself in the world, or looking for answers to questions you can't seem to figure out. There's a lot of information in these kinds of books, so be prepared to take some notes.

A Funny Book
You clearly need a good chuckle in your life right now. Any books written by a comedian are sure to make you giggle at least a few times. Follow them on their journey and escape the real world for a bit. If you like it, there is a whole genre of these kinds of books out there.