What Do Your Fingers Say About You?

Wondering what your fingers say about you? They say more than you think! Tons more! And we can prove it with this short, yet insightful quiz that you should take.

Tags: Men, Women, Appearance, Personality

Here are all the results with descriptions

That You Love Food
That's right. You have the cutest little fingers that clearly announce to the world that food is life and life is food. And you know what? It is. You should embrace this fact, because food is greatness.

That You Value the Finer Things In Life
Between the fancy rings and bracelets, as well as the $100+ manicure, you're sure to let people know that you value the finer things in life. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. You do you!

That You Keep Things Simple
You don't wear a lot of jewelry, if any. And you don't have chubby fingers. You feel off if you have a hair tie around your wrist! Yes, all signs point to the fact that you love to keep it casual. You value simplicity and no fuss.