How To Name Your Dog

A quick list of questions that will help you decide what you should name your dog. Coming up with names can be challenging sometimes. The quiz will give you a little help.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a traditional person .Some people would probably say that you were pretty plain. You don't take risks and you don't do much that is exciting to others. That is why your dog name should be something boring like spot.

You are an up and coming boxer. Every match that you have won so far all come by the way of a knockout. You have yet to have a fight go the distance. You enjoy a challenge so you can simply go above and beyond.

Your favorite color is pink. You are the epitome of a girly girl. I don't think you even know what tennis shoes are. You're high fashion, high maintenance, and a spoiled brat, that is why princess is perfect for you

You are an astrology guru. You can tell anyone anything about them based on their zodiac sign. You believe in this stuff as if it were your own religion. That is why your dog name should be one of the zodiac signs

You have won more pick 3's and Bingo jackpots than anyone you know. IF you flip a coin, it will land on whatever you call. If it was not for good luck, you would not have any at all. People often envy you because of your good fortune. That is why lucky is the best dog name for you.

You are a huge cowboy western movie fan. Every year for Halloween, you dress up as a different character from that era.There's western memorabilia all around your house, so Duke is the ideal dog name.