How Long Will You Live?

A quiz that will force you to think outside of the box in the end. How are your daily decisions affecting your life in the long run...It's something to think about for sure.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

18-21 years
You're a gangbanger. You have lived a life in the streets. You live fast, so the chances of you dying fast are very high. you don't listen and you think that the rules don't apply to you. There's no way that you will make it past 21.

25 years
You are a dare devil. You skydive, base jump, and swim with sharks among other things. No one will sell you life insurance because of your high risk activities. You've wrestled with gators, as well as, charmed snakes, everyone will be surprised if you make it to 30.You have lived a good life.

40-50 years old
You stress way too much at work. You let day to day activities get you down. The doctor constantly tells you that you need to stress less because it's not good for you. At this rate, an ulcer is definitely in your future.. If you make it past 50, you will be incredibly lucky

60-70 years old
You have lived a good life for the most part, no unnecessary risk for you. You may not live well into your nineties and some people think this is too soon, but you feel that you have lived a full life.

80-90 years old
This is an above average lifespan, anyone that has lived this long is considered to be blessed. You basically did everything you had to do during your life to ensure that you would live for awhile. You took some risk, but you lived what most will call a full life.

100 plus
You have lived a good life. You take care of your body. You go to the doctor on a regular basis and keep up with all your check ups. You eat a well balanced diet and you do not take any unnecessary risk.