Only People with a PhD Passed this Synonym Test!

Are you ready to be catechized? Say what? Yes, that's right, we're going to quiz you to see how many tough synonyms you can figure out. Think you can beat it? Let's GO!

Tags: Education, Knowledge, Vocabulary, Test

Here are all the results with descriptions

Did not pass
Most of these words tripped you up. They're tough words! Not even many PhDs use some of these in everyday life or even in academic life. They're fun words though. Learn their meanings and spice up your conversations with a little quirkiness!

Barely passed
You didn't pass with flying colors, but passing at all is challenging to say the least. Play around in a thesaurus and learn some of these words. Or, even better, learn about metonyms. A large vocabulary can make for a larger capacity for humor in your conversations!

Good job, you! You got enough of these right to come in at a middle score. Considering the test, that's definitely impressive! Learn the ones you didn't know and then you'll have them to pull out randomly in conversations!

Passed with flying colors!
But, you're not QUITE a Ph.D. You didn't get a perfect score. There will be very few that will, though! Or should we say that there will be a minuscule number of respondents who succeed? Now, can you pass quizzes about the MEANINGS of big words . . . ?

Must have a PhD!
You beat this quiz with astonishing results. Really. Very few people have been able to pass it. If you're not a Ph.D, you must be a genius, a lexicographer, an autodidact, or a voracious reader. But what would you be reading that would use words like these?