Which Extinct Animal Are You?

Some very strange animals have left our world. It's terrible that they're no longer here, but one lives on in your spirit. Which one? Find out by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Dodo Bird
The Dodo Bird was strange indeed. It comes from a remote island near Madagascar. It was a flightless bird with a large beak. You may remember it from Alice in Wonderland. The Dodo character was supposed to be a caricature of Lewis Carroll, the author.

Also known as the Tasmanian Tiger or Tasmanian Wolf. Yes, it can be hard to pin down a name for something that looks like a dog, looks like a cat, AND is at the same time a marsupial. It's scientific names translates to: dog headed pouched dog. Even science gets tongue tied around thylacines.

Irish Elk
The Irish Elk had some impressively freakish antlers. Think moose and then upsize those suckers about ten-fold. Irish elk haven't been around for a long time, but you're bringing it back. Be careful trying to get through tight spaces!

You can't decide if you're trying to be a dinosaur, a giraffe, or a cow. You've got some major identity issues! The sivatherium lived about a million years ago and was GIGANTIC. It had the body of a giraffe, two sets of antlers, and a cow-like face.

Giant Galliwasp
No, you're not a wasp, actually. A Giant Galliwasp is a big lizard from Jamaica. Beware the mongoose. They thought the mongoose had entirely wiped this poor lizard species out. But, then, there's you, isn't there?

Lesser Bilby
Yes, the lesser not the greater. The lesser bilby is a SUPERCUTE rodent from Australia. It has a fox-like face, rabbit ears, and the body of a kangaroo rat. Oh, and an extremely long tail. It reached the size of a young rabbit.