Almost 55% Fail This Law Quiz!

How much do you know about the law? Can you identify well known laws or how they work? Do you know when they've been broken? Find out how law savvy you are by taking this quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Are likely to be arrested
You don't know the law at all! Next thing you know you'll be in jail for throwing your ice cream on the sidewalk. Better bone up on your knowledge of the law before you make a huge mistake and get locked up!

Are skating on thin ice
Your lack of legal knowledge could get you in trouble some day. It's good that you know some of the laws - you're not a total legal dunce - but you could stand to know it better. Learning what's real and what's not in legal myth could also help you navigate legal advantages!

Have a decent amount of legal knowledge
You didn't totally pass the test but you didn't fail it either. Just a little brush up would make you legally knowledgeable enough to stay out of trouble. A little more and you could be on your way to the LSATS or a criminal justice degree!

Are a budding lawyer
You almost beat this quiz! But not quite. You still have a ways to go to be a font of legal knowledge. At least you won't get busted for selling gum or dropping your ice cream on the sidewalk. Oh, and please don't do anything bad at sea. It's not very nice.

Well, look at you! You are in the top percentages of people that pass this test. You ACED it! So, either you know exactly how to commit crimes and get away with them or you know the law, the judicial system, and law enforcement really well!