What Animal Are You Most Likely To Get?

Let's see what animal you should get! Cat, dog, bird, guinea pig, lizard or fish! Take this quiz for fun and find out.

Tags: Pet, Cat, Dog, Fish, Bird

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sometimes they are loud and like to talk a lot. And sometimes they are soft and quiet. They some like to snuggle and some like to get in trouble.

Sometimes they are really loud sometimes they a quiet and like to snuggle. They are playful to.

Guinea pig
They are just a simple pet. They can be loud sometimes but can also be quiet. Soft and like to cuddle!

The spiky creatures. Look scary but they are nice little animals. There bite does not hurt very much. But for you it might be different!

Loud but very fun! They like to talk a lot! Some Birds like to copy what you say so be careful.

Just a simple fish for someone who likes to go out a lot.