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Are you struggling to find a name for your new kitty cat? Use this cat generator to get a fresh idea or the perfect name for new feline friend! Take this simple quiz now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Bobbie is an excellent name for a no-nonsense cat that just does cat things and is satisfied with life in general. It's also a really cute name for a cat with a bobbed tail. Bobbie is the kind of cat that's friendly and laid back and takes life as it comes.

Mist is a mysterious cat that loves to lurk in the shadows waiting for errant dustballs to drift past that must be attacked and dispatched to the netherworld. You won't see Mist coming - stealth and cunning and maybe even shapeshifting are part of its magic.

Bubbles is a great name for an adorable goofy cute cat. Especially one with big eyes! It would also be a super cute name for a cat that missed the whole grace of a cat thing. Or for a cat with an entertaining sense of humor and a bucketful of funny antics!

Aww . . . what a nice name for a country cat - or any cat that loves nature. If you can imagine your cat pouncing and prancing through a meadow full of wildflowers or lapping up milk on a saucer on the back porch of a farmhouse, Clover is the perfect name.

If your cat is full of hijinks, craziness, and all around hyper nutso weirdness on a catnip trip to other dimensions, Giggles is the perfect name. One, because he/she makes you giggle. Two, because you know if it could giggle it would.

Snaggle is like the OG alley cat. Even if you got your kitty from somewhere that was not on the streets, being an alley cat is sometimes a sort of attitude. You can pamper this kind of cat all you want, but at heart, they want to hunt and carouse and get into trouble!