Dog Names Generator

Aww! Did you recently get a little fluff ball? Or did you rescue one? It needs a great name! Get some help with ideas or find the perfect name by taking this name generating quiz!

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1. How big is your dog?

Tiny to small Small to medium Medium to huge

2. Is it hyper?

Yes No Sometimes

3. Is it a lapdog?

Yes No No, but he/she thinks so

4. What color bandana or bow would you choose if you took your pup to a groomer?

Red Blue Seasonal print Green

5. How does your dog communicate with you best?

With its eyes Tail Voice

Here are all the results with descriptions

Whether it's for Harley Davidson or Harley Quinn, it's a great name for a dog that's got a friendly demeanor with a rough and tumble edge. Or, you could use it ironically if your dog is everything but tough!

Duffy is a friendly, laid-back, roll with the punches or roll over on its belly sort of dog. Duffy's a pal that will go anywhere with you and is friendly to strangers and maybe even small animals. He or she is also super cute!

Button is a great name for almost any breed of cuteness. With beagles, dalmatians, and mixed breeds it has a quaint cuteness. With traditionally frou-frou breeds it's adorably cute. Or, use it ironically with something huge like a mastiff!

Nova spectacularly fits mysterious, elegant, or otherworldly dogs. Just imagine a regal doberman, enchanting husky, or dazzling blue merle coated dog with the name Nova! This also works for a puppy you received as a surprise. Nova is defined as a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright new star!

Your dog doesn't actually HAVE to be sandy in color to have this name, but it IS a great name for golden retrievers, labradoodles, yellow labs, red poodles and more. Any dog you know you can depend on to always be by your side is a Sandy. Just ask Annie.

How cute would Sparrow be as a name for a shy or tiny dog? It would be outrageously cute for a giant dog and pretty funny too. Little teacups or small breeds like chihuahuas, miniature pinschers, or yorkies would wear this name well.