Where To Live In Florida?

If you have ever wondered where you should live within the state of Florida, now you can find out by answering a few simple questions. Get your answer once and for all!

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Living in the excitement and the party atmosphere is definitely going to match up with your personality type. Enjoy the warm sandy beaches, and fantastic nightlife found in Miami. You're sure to make some friends that are down for the same things you are when you set foot in this busy city.

Clearly, you are someone that likes adventure and that's why 'The Theme Park Capital of the World' would be a perfect place for you to call home. You could be just a hop, skip, and a jump from Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. Who wouldn't want to visit the happiest place on Earth whenever they wanted to?

Coral Gables.
If you want to feel like a permanent tourist in Florida, Coral Gables is the spot to go. It's like being on a vacation every time you step outside. There are over 140 different places to eat and shop including some of the biggest retailers in the business.

Tampa is big city living in every essence of the term. There is plenty to do here to keep you busy including several sports team arenas to go and check out your favorite games. The city is also full of rich history with plenty of landmarks to visit. You won't ever be bored living in this area of Florida.

The finer things in life are what you love, and that's what you're going to find in one of the wealthiest cities of all of the United States. This place has some of the most expensive real estate too, so make sure you have put in the work to afford it!

Everglades City.
You are someone that enjoys being outside enjoying nature and that's why Everglades City in Florida would be ideal for your permanent home. You can go on boat tours, enjoy some fishing, or even do a little kayaking or canoeing in the small town. It's peaceful here, and that's just what you like in your life.