Are You More Like Your Mom or Your Dad?

Answer the questions to find out which of your parents you are most similar to. The answer may surprise you!

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Your Mom
You are scrupulous and have a traditional, independent sense of self. You enjoy companionship and family, but you also know that a good relationship with yourself is important, and you take the time to seek out quiet and reflective moments. People love your warm, engaging presence.

Your Dad
Your deep sense of calm and curiosity ensure that life long learning is in store for you. You are easy-going and you have a relaxed style of discipline. You enjoy meditative hobbies and seeking out new experiences and knowledge while staying grounded with your core passions. People admire you because you don't ever seem bored or complacent, merely contentment or calmness.

Both of them!
You're a wonderful mix of tough exterior and soft heart. You like to see people work their hardest, but you also like to help them through their struggles. People think of you as having a 'tough love' style of discipline, and they love you for it. You have the constant mental energy of youth even as you age, you will never lose your spirit. Your friends admire how you are always willing to try new things.